about peter eggink

Peter's name is well known in the field of magicians, being synonymous with both the performance of magic and the creation of some of the most amazing magical effects. Many established magicians will have already heard of Peter's name through his involvement in the creation of some of the most creative and imaginative magical effects on the market.

Peter's creations are performed by magicians around the globe including TV star magicians Dynamo and David Blaine. Starting 2010, Peter collaborated on numerous projects with the legend Paul Harris.

Peter is lecturing across the world showing his creations and sharing his perception and thoughts on Magic. In October 2013 Peter was asked to perform on the well-known "Penguin Live"lecture series and was an instant hit. In August 2015 Peter was invited to Murphy's Magic "At the Table" Live Experience and recieved glowing reviews for his performance and creativity.

With over 20 years of experience, Peter knows the "real secrets" of being a succesful magician and shares them with magicians around the globe.