instant download Matchbook Odyssey A spectator's freely selected card is signed and returned to the deck. The magician says that he will use "fire" to find the spectators card. As he says this, he removes one match from a matchbook and lights it. The spectator is asked to hold the match. Next, the magician tries to find the spectators card before the match burns out…but unfortunately he fails to do so!

With the matchbook at his fingertips, the magician waves his hand over the deck…the matchbook is opened slowly, and one card appears folded up inside. Cleanly and fairly the folded card is removed from the matchbook, folded open, only to reveal the spectators signed selection!

A truly devastating routine which uses a diabolical method that fools magicians!

"Very, very clever, indeed" - Ben Harris

"Matchbook Odyssey is very cool and well thought out. I thought there would be a switch as the card was removed but it was REALLY there! And everything is examinable. It's squeaky clean and very practical. Great thinking!" - Mike Powers

"This looks excellent. Best card in matchbook I've seen" - Peter Duffie