at the table live experience

The best value for money item on this site! Over 2 hours of magic, 15 effects and tips and theory for only 9,95.That's an unbelievable 0,66 cent per effect. This dvd is a steal! Realy!

Performed live and on the spot by Peter Eggink, hosted by Gregory Wilson, both top performers discuss and share their insights, giving top tips and delving into some of the most deep and profound theory you have ever been privileged to witness.

You get it all, Peter shares effects and real working material that has never before seen the light of day!

You get all the material that makes Peter one of the most booked and successful magicians of the Netherlands and beyond.

Shot in a professional studio in HD under ultimate lightning conditions using multiple camera's, showing you every angle. No expenses have been spared to give you the best that money can buy.

We cannot recommend this enough, we try, but we can't! It's a steal, stop robbing us, Pay more... it is good for your Karma.


"Strong magic, practically routined,
ingenious plots. Good Value".

-Chris Payne, MagicSeen Magazine