Exit From the devious mind of Peter Eggink comes "Exit," a breathtaking Key Flight routine that will knock the socks off your spectators!

The effect is simple and straightforward:
The performer borrows a key from a spectator and has it magically and visually disappear from his hands, only to be found CLIPPED onto a clasp on a lace, which is tied around the performer's neck! It's even KNOTTED right above it! The key is released from the lace and is given back the spectator! Yes, it's the borrowed key, and it's THAT direct!

Peter Eggink's "Exit" is without a doubt one of the most impossible "flight" effects ever devised!

Key points (no pun intended):

  • You can show both hands completely EMPTY before and after the vanish of the key!
  • The spectator can actually feel their key through the shirt of the magician!
  • No duplicates!
  • No switches!
  • No sleight of hand required!
  • Perfect for walk-around and table hopping!
  • Can also be done with a borrowed finger ring!

Includes 8-page, full-color and fully photo-illustrated instruction booklet detailing the routine, and special handcrafted lace.