Peter Eggink started it all with his wildly popular "Haunted." Mark Traversoni then experimented for literally hundreds of hours with the concept to evolve it into this final tribute to Peter's creation.

Haunted 2.0 uses the same basic method of the original Haunted...but the big 2.0 difference is in the enhanced materials and breakthrough concepts that dramatically alter Haunted's genetic code!

Here's what you can do minutes after opening the 2.0 box: Starting with a NORMAL shuffled deck...you place the spectator's signed card square into the deck which is set on the table. You can WALK AWAY from the deck and even cover the deck with a clear bowl (Just like in Peter's original Haunted…there's nothing connecting you to the deck).

After a few moments of silence…the upper half of the deck eerily starts to MOVE...then slowly SLIDES away from the lower half! After the top half of the deck stops moving, there's a pause...then the CARD UNDER IT STARTS TO MOVE! This single haunted card slowly slithers and CREEPS away from the rest of the deck…then finally stops. Your spectator takes the card...it's the one she signed! And yes…you still end up with a NORMAL DECK.

Haunted 2.0 points to remember:

  • Stick of secret stuff has been replaced with custom "Haunted Chips" that take out all the guess work.
  • Special tips on how to speed up or slow down the deck animation and the creeping card.
  • Start and finish with a normal deck.
  • Gimmick is completely self-contained. Nothing attached to performer or table.
  • No Palming or Switches. Very easy to do.
  • DVD includes 10 Haunted performances in a row. One take. No edits. Just so you know that 2.0 is 100% worker friendly.

Complete with 2 Evolved Haunted Gimmicks (both different so you can choose the one you like best) 20 Haunted Chips, supplies for about 1000 performances and DVD of Mark Traversoni's Evolved 2.0 handling .